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Nominate a Community Hero

Acknowledge a Selfless Hero with the Gift of Hearing

Help us acknowledge and support those who make a difference in our community by nominating them for a free set of hearing aids.

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Your nomination could be the key to unlocking a world of sound for someone in need. Take a moment to fill out our contact form and tell us about the deserving individual in your community. We will be gathering submissions through the end of July, and will pick a winner August 1st. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

There are two goals here:

  1. **Acknowledge a Selfless Hero:** We want to honor someone who has hearing loss and has always put others before themselves. Your nomination will help.
  2. Raise Awareness: Through their journey, we aim to show others the challenges and triumphs of living with hearing loss, inspiring empathy and understanding within our community.

“Fine Print:”

  • Nominee must be ok with being on camera
  • The hearing aids and appointments will be cost-free for the nominee. After warranty expires, charges may occur for repairs/visits etc.
  • The specific model of hearing aid will depend upon the specific needs of the patient.
Who are you nominating?(Required)
How do they positively impact others in the community? How does hearing play a part in their life?
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Why Your Nomination Matters

Transform Lives with ClearSound

By nominating someone for a free set of hearing aids, you are giving them the chance to reconnect with their loved ones and fully participate in their community. Hearing aids can significantly improve quality of life, allowing individuals to engage more effectively in social activities, work, and daily interactions. Your nomination can make a profound difference.

What Our PatientsAre Saying

Frank VosoFrank Voso
00:43 12 Jan 23
For 3 decades I've used numerous audiologists and I believe the best of them Is Dr. Catania. I have been dealing with him since 2016. He's knowledgeable and his his focus is on getting me to hear as well as possible, not necessarily selling the most expensive hearing aid. These are the traits of a skilled professional as well as a nice person. I highly recommend him.
Claudine VacircaClaudine Vacirca
21:46 04 Feb 22
I am writing this review for my husband. He can finally hear. Yippee!!! Which means I do not have to shout. I do not have to translated conversations for him, and the TV room is a place we can both sit and watch a movie together. So I highly recommend Clear Sound Hearing Center. I thank them and so does our family.
Mike SchuhleinMike Schuhlein
09:40 03 Dec 21
Dr ray cantania is the best doctor i have ever used in any field of expertise. He goes above and beyond for his patients.
Mary GroyMary Groy
10:54 09 Sep 21
Dr. Ray is the best! Very informative and knowledgeable, really cares about the patient and makes you feel very comfortable. One of the best appointments we have had in a long while. Gladly go back again!