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Clearness of Hearing in Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island, NY

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Staying connected at every moment is vital to living a full and meaningful life. Being unable to hear and understand what people are saying or have conversations with your loved ones can lead to withdrawal, isolation, depression, and even dementia. If you seek clearness of hearing in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, NY, ClearSound Hearing Centers can help. Our highly experienced audiologists and their compassionate hearing team understand the frustrations of hearing loss and can help you stay connected through state-of-the-art Neurotechnology™.

We hear with our brains, not with our ears.

Today’s NeuroTechnology™ is the only proven hearing loss treatment option that focuses on improving brain function by providing enhanced clarity surround sound with background noise-canceling features.

NeuroTechnology™ treats hearing loss by using complex stimulation patterns to help replace decreased auditory input to the brain. Traditional hearing aids just make things louder, but with today’s new NeuroTechnology™ treatment options, you can hear more clearly and more naturally – in all listening environments – even in noisy restaurants!

Features of NeuroTechnology™

  • Enhanced Clarity – to help fill in the missing speech details
  • Noise-Cancellation Features – to help filter speech in noisy environments
  • Soft-Speech Booster – to help you hear the ‘soft-speakers’ in your life (e.g., children and grandchildren, your spouse, etc.)
  • Surround Sound Features
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your smart devices

There are different types of NeuroTechnology™, each custom designed and programmed to meet your hearing loss and your hearing needs, but they all ultimately perform the same function: to help you hear more clearly – and more naturally.
NeuroTechnology™ can be used to address the full spectrum of hearing difficulties, from people with audiometric ‘normal hearing’ to individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.

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