We repair many hearing aids from Starkey, Widex, Phonak, Oticon etc

Hearing Aid Cleaning & Repairs in Brooklyn, NY

Our Expert Service Team Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Devices

At ClearSound Hearing Centers, we understand that no one likes to go through the process and cost of having their hearing aids repaired. That’s why we’re here to say we take the hassle out hearing aid cleaning & repairs in Brooklyn, NY – and make it affordable, too. We service almost all makes and models, including Starkey, Widex, Phonak, Oticon, and others!

The fact is, we do many cleaning and repairs in-house, helping you save both time and money. You will have direct access to us regarding your repair in case you have any questions, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing we clean and repair any make or model or age of hearing aids.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Hearing Aids?

Hearing aid repair costs can vary depending on several factors:

  • Whether or not the hearing aid is still under warranty
  • The extent of damage to the hearing aid
  • The cost of replacement parts for your hearing aid

If you purchased your hearing aid from us and it’s still under warranty or within the 45-day return period, your hearing aid repair costs will probably be very minor—or even free! Out-of-warranty or older hearing aids that require substantial repair may have a cost associated with it. Cracked cases on custom-molded devices can be expensive to replace, but in some circumstances, these cracks can be repaired.

Start Hearing the Sounds of Life Again!

At ClearSound Hearing Centers, our patients are our priority and we will do everything we can to make you happy. We believe we are the best choice when it comes to cleaning and repairing your hearing aids and are here to help you get back to hearing the sounds you love.

Here’s how to get started:

  • We will assess the hearing aid and let you know what needs to be done to repair the aid.
  • Once we have repaired the hearing aid, you will be on your way. In many cases, we can fix the hearing aid while you are in the office.

Learn More About Hearing Aid Cleaning & Repairs in Brooklyn, NY, Today!

If you’re ready to get back to enjoying the sounds of the world around you, click here or call 855-423-3700 to request your Complimentary New Patient Screening. Your no-obligation appointment includes:

  • A free hearing screening
  • A review of your medical history
  • An in-depth discussion of your hearing loss concerns & goals
  • An explanation of our process

Our team will take the time to answer all your questions about our hearing rehabilitation treatments, our office, our flexible payment options, and anything else that you would like to know about us!

Our doctors and team at ClearSound Hearing Centers provide 5-star-rated hearing care to patients in Brooklyn, Queens, Bethpage, Lake Ronkonkoma, Forest Hills & North Babylon, NY, and surrounding areas.