Advanced Hearing Test in Brooklyn NY for Hearing Loss

Advanced Hearing Testing in Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island, NY

advanced hearing testing in brooklyn ny5-Star-Rated Care With the Most Advanced Technologies

At ClearSound Hearing Centers, we offer a number of advanced hearing testing in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, NY, to ensure a comprehensive hearing evaluation. We offer these in addition to our new patient screening to determine the severity of your hearing loss, measure the eardrum, your inner, outer, and middle ears, and more.

The Right Diagnosis Starts With State-of-The-Art Testing

Providing you with the highest quality hearing health care means offering advanced testing to correctly diagnose your hearing loss and recommend the best solution. The following are some of the advanced hearing tests we offer:

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)

Your ear consists of three parts: the outer, inner, and middle ear. The OAE test tells us how well your inner ear, or cochlea, works by measuring otoacoustic emissions or sounds that are emitted by the inner ear in response to a sound. Your inner ear contains hair cells that respond to sound by vibrating, producing a soft sound that echoes back to the middle ear. It is that sound that is measured.

Additionally, the OAE test can also reveal whether you have a blockage in your outer or middle ear. If there is a blockage, no sound will reach the inner ear.


Tympanometry is frequently used to evaluate the middle ear’s function and how well your eardrum moves. It can also help determine whether your hearing loss can be improved by hearing aids or if medical treatment is available to better treat your loss. A probe with a rubber tip is carefully placed in your ear, causing the air pressure in your canal to change when you hear low-pitched tones. The results will show up on a graph called a tympanogram and will tell us if your eardrum moves correctly, too slowly, too much, or has a hole in it.

Pure-Tone Testing

This test is exactly as its name implies. You put on earphones and raise your finger or nod your head when you hear a beep. What this test does is determine the quietest sound you can hear at different pitches or frequencies. Pure-Tone Testing can also be conducted in a booth where sounds are emitted through speakers.

Uncomfortable Levels of Speech

Normally given when you are being fitted for hearing aids. We measure the level of speech you can bear to determine your range of hearing, with intensities from the softest sounds you can hear to the loudest that you can tolerate. Knowing this range ensures that your hearing aid amplification stays within your listening comfort level.

Clearness Test

Our standard hearing test for adults, teens, and children includes a visual inspection of your ear canals and eardrums, as well as tests on how well you hear sounds at different frequencies, and how well you understand speech.

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